Back to Phoenix for a Month

We’re back in Phoenix and both of us have a big ‘to do’ list, besides having fun.  We got here this past Friday.  Already starting to exercise again in the gym at Paradise RV resort, where we’re staying, and went to a country western class and dance.  MaryAnne wants more.  We may go to other dance classes while we’re here.

I fixed my motorcycle clutch that failed about 10 days ago and am buying new tires — the old ones are pretty worn out.  Should start riding again later this week.  The weather is warming significantly and the odds are now good that I’ll see rattle snakes out in the desert riding areas now.

Starting to play pool again — got quite rusty after a 2 month layoff.  I hope to get in some competitive play soon.

We had some excitement the other day — a mini-tornado (maybe a big dust devil is more accurate) came through our part of the RV park.  MaryAnne jumped up and barely closed our big power awning in time, but our neighbor was gone and had left hers out and it was destroyed.  It knocked down our satellite dish on a tripod, but otherwise we escaped any damage.  Whew!

Note: we stayed in an Escapees park between Kingman and Phoenix for two days.  The scenery on that drive turned out to be surprisingly good, including a stretch of joshua tree forest more dense than Joshua tree national park!  And the Escapees park (North Ranch) had a wonderful catcus park.  It was very serene and had many happy chirping birds and the state’s oldest known cactus that stands about 45 feet tall.  Methusela dates to about 1600 AD.